Lake Cunningham Regional Park

New 68,000 SF state of the art skate park. One of the largest ever built, the Wormhoudt Inc. designed park features the world’s largest cradle, tallest vert wall, and largest full pipe. In addition, the pools and features within the park are actually recreations of the original pools that were first skated in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The intricate craftsmanship and extreme tolerances of the features were paramount to the success of the project. Multiple confluences of different radiuses and conforms made for challenging concrete and shotcrete installations and coordination. The transitions of the walls, floors and radiuses are what make the features a success. This combined with the sheer size and height of the elements have made this park a worldwide success.

Lake Cunnigham Skate Park is ranked # 9 of "The 25 Best Skateparks in the World" by Complex Sports. Click here to read the full article.