Stormwater Management

Stormwater is defined as any precipitation that does not soak into the ground or evaporate into the atmosphere but instead flows along the surface of the ground as runoff. As more land is developed, more stormwater is created through the clearing of land, the destruction of natural vegetation, and the creation of impervious surfaces such as roadways and roofing. Improper stormwater management can cause erosion, flooding, and pollution of surface water.


At Robert A. Bothman Construction, we strive to help our clients make environmentally responsible choices while maximizing the value received for every construction dollar. With this in mind, stormwater infiltration systems often provide an economical means for managing runoff on sites where soils drain well and the water table is sufficiently low. Unlike detention systems, which typically discharge runoff from a single outlet pipe, infiltration systems allow accumulated runoff to percolate into the subsoil. This usually improves water quality by taking advantage of the soil’s natural filtering ability and protects the existing water table. Stormwater infiltration is becoming the standard for low impact development (LID) designs, and we offer a variety of systems and solutions to suit your project.

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