Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is a mix of coarse aggregate, cement, water and little to no sand. Sometimes referred to as no-fines or porous concrete, this mixture creates an open cell structure that allows water to filter through to the underlying soil. While similar mixtures have been used in buildings and road in Europe for more than a century, pervious concrete has only been used in the U.S. for three decades.

In recent years, many government agencies have implemented stormwater impact fees for projects built on impervious sites, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized pervious concrete as a Best Management Practice for stormwater control.

Today, Robert A. Bothman Construction is one of only a handful of certified pervious concrete installers recognized and certified by the National Ready Mix Association and the American Concrete Institute. We are also the sole distributor and installer of RABcrete™, a revolutionary mix created by our own in-house team. When properly designed and installed, pervious concrete:

  • Eliminates runoff of rainfall for zero discharge of polluted runoff into waterways;
  • Reduces urban flooding while increasing groundwater recharge;
  • Protects health of trees and landscaping in paved areas and parking lots;
  • Provides on-site bioremediation of pollutants;
  • Reduces or eliminates need for storm drain infrastructure;
  • Minimizes “urban heat island” effects due to its light color. 
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